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Aug 30, 2010
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Hey Everyone, This is my first post from a Work BBQ / Pool Party.

Shot with a D90 18-200 VRii and s 50mm 1.8D

Edited in Lightroom 2 on a monitor calibrated by my eye so be nice about the colors.... lol i know .. fail ... I'm planning to buy a monitor during the Labor Day sales This weekend

Hope you like Them ! Any tips / Suggestions welcome.

#4 is the best one. The other color ones the WB seems off.
Nice shots...

#1 cut off part of the eye but still my favorite
#2 has a green shift
#3 has a blue shift
#4 is kinda cool...I go back and forth between liking the cutoff face on the right and not liking it...
#5 Nice dutch angle that works for me compositionally
...The other color ones the WB seems off.

I see what you mean...kinda hard to interpret given the lack-of-calibration statement made in the OP. On my screen, they (2 & 3) look like they're deliberately desaturated for a particular effect.
WB is set to correct for colour shifts due to the type of lighting used, photograph shifts of colour in natural light tend to come from reflected colour from nearby surfaces. WB is fine, no.2 needs saturation/correction 3 + 4 are picking up slight reflected colour but overall your calibration by eye looks just fine on this calibrated monitor, 1 & 5 are quite obviously altered for effect, so lets not confuse reflected colour with white balance issues, its totally different. H
#3 the black post is crooked otherwise they are all just great. Awesome shots.

slight levels n saturation, I see no green and believe me after years in the darkroom and on these boxes my colour vision is geared for this. H

PS. It was overexposed though.

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