Benq DC C640 problem??


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Feb 5, 2006
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I just bought a new digicamera, its a Benq DC C640, i know isnt the best camera but was what i could pay :er: :D.

Everything was just great but then i was looking for a photography tutorial and found some info about making depth of field, it was refering to exposure, and some other things (to be honest i dont remember what else, i didnt finished reading, my camera got crazy). Since that, when i take a picture the picture get everything in motion, i mean something like everything is moving but the subject (am i being clear? i hope so, i'm a really newbie :blushing:)

For example, have you seen those pictures where you can catch cars light trails?? like a long light stroke or something, all my pictures are getting like that, after i modified something, i putted everything like it was but it keeps doing it... and i dont even know if there's a full camera reset option, at least i dont find it hehe.

I remember that i used something like ISO 200, f2.8 and 1/2 but then i putted to ISO 50, f2.8 and 1/60 i think that was the default value, but it keeps looking with motion..

Any help or tip? thanks.. I'm quit sure it must b a configuration prob, that i just dont know how to deal with it :blushing:

Thanks in advanced :hug::

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