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Apr 12, 2009
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I'm using a Canon Powershot S3 IS at the moment but was thinking it would be good to move to a Canon EOS Rebel XT, XS, XTi or XSi. Are any of these a good starter SLR? If not, what camera would you suggest.
They are ok starter cameras, and canon is a good make, but I allways reccomend looking at Pentax. They don't have many followers compared to Canon or Nikon but their range for anyone up to Semi-Pro ( hell Pro's use them too ) is excellent and their build quality better than anything in their price range.

I would therefore say look at either the Pentax K200D or K20D, both are very nice camera's which work well for any level of knowledge. The K2000/k-m isn't bad either but the extra cash to buy a K200D is well worth it.

That said the ones you mention all are fine as starter SLR's - they just don't represent teh best value for money.
Out of your options, the XSi is the newest Canon of the bunch and boasts the most options and features. They are releasing a newer camera soon (the TL1?) which is basically a beefed up XSi if you were to wait.
There are many threads in this forum which people have asked the same question and would probably help you gain insight on many of their choices. I have a feeling this will turn into a "get what feels right" thread, and that may be your very best bet. Go to the local store in your area that sells them and try them out. I personally loved the features of the XSi, but I thought it felt cheap, so feel is a rather important aspect in making your decision.

Hope this helps!
depends on your budget I guess. How come I dont see many sony users?
I just got my first SLR and I got an XSi, I was looking at a nikon D60 because thaqt was the first SLR I got to use thanks to work, I find that the XSi is user friendly and I have had no problems using it and learning new things rather quickly.

I would also recommend getting a book like this, [ame=] Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D Digital Field Guide: Charlotte K. Lowrie: Books[/ame] . I have this one and find that is very help full.
I use a sony and for my money, I LOVE it. $500 and it came with an 18-70mm kit lens instead of the standard 18-55mm. I didnt have the money for a Nikon or a Canon. Its all down to personal opinion though. I still love nikons and have great respect for canon but I sm gonna stick with my sony for a while!

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