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Oct 5, 2010
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Hi. My name is Tiffany and I'm just beginning to find my love for photography. I had my daughter in January and have found I LOVE taking pictures. I am planing on applying for a Bachelors at Academy of Arts online and trying to make some money freelancing. My question is what is the best free online portfolio site with the most storage space? Also what is your ideas for the best DSLR camera for beginning students? I've looked at Canon Rebels and I like those the best. What is your opinion?
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When it comes to online photo storage and sharing, I really like Flickr. Click the link to view a few of my shots. Your photos can easily be shared and or cataloged to your liking. I can't comment very much on which DSLR would be best for you, however, the Rebels are very popular. I don't think that it would be a poor choice!

Happy clicking! Let's see some of your photos soon!!

- Daniel
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Flickr, Photobucket etc. Make sure you're saving your images for web though (Saving Images for the Web | Tutorial9) otherwise you might lose some colour due to the internet browser not supporting it.

Also, please just use a normal font :) and enjoy photography!

I actually wouldn't recommend PhotoPhucket, it compresses images to the point where they look like Biggie Smalls took a dump on them.
I don't like Photobucket and muck prefer Flickr too. If you download the desktop Uploadr and get a pro account to enable collections and unlimited photos, you can't beat it!

But they're both free to try, so sign up and see which you prefer.

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