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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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I have been away from the forum for a few short days but it feels like an eternity. Thursday I got hit with either food poisoning or a real nasty bug that made everything eject out of my body that could possibly come out. I am only now starting to get over the chills and fever that I had but I still do not have any energy.

On a more up-beat note I was surprised that I won Best In Show in an in-company photo contest with this image. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do photo contests but I was kind of pressured into submitting an image. Well I did and forgot all about the contest until someone told me I won, Woohoo!!


My prize was a Fuji Z1 camera, a very sleek and compact PNS. I found it really funny as I was looking for one to fit in my shirt pocket so the timing was excellent.

Some of my nieces were getting ready for a Tea Party and did not have enough energy to break out the D-70 so I took these images with the new toy.



That winter scene is just stunning! Congrats on the win, I can see why you did! :thumbup:
Excellent work Airic. Congrats on the win buddy. What a cool shot.
Love the images of the girls too. Nicely done. :thumbup: :thumbup:
Congrats on the win, well deserved, that is an excellent shot! The shots of your nieces look great with the Fuji. Be careful with these little cam’s the ease of use makes them very addictive. My 20D ends up staying in the bag much too often.
Wow, Eric, the contest winner is really nice. Congrats.

Cute pics of the nieces too - what proper young ladies, complete with hats, gloves and pearls!
Congratulations on the win! (Though I can't say I am surprised, it is a marvelous image)

The photos of your nieces are precious, especially the first and the second. Such proper ladies :)
Well-deserved winning pic here!
Congratulations to winning yourself a new little toy.

And the photos you took with it are so pretty ... but what makes them this?
Must be the two little ladies in them!!!!
(They are some true little hams, the two!)
The processing sure helps to bring out the overall feeling of "The Ladies Prepared To Go Out" :D
Thanks everyone.

Randog, yesterday was proof of that. Instead of getting the D-70 and flash out for a bounce lighting shot I just grabbed the PNS.

Corina, The girls love dressing up like this and often ham it up. Natalie has become a very good poser and has had my camera in her face since she was born. I’m very lucky to have all the kids around and they are so well behaved… most of the time :)

This is so sad for me, I still do not have any energy to go out and shoot this morning. It seems like forever since I was last down at the Marsh. I will conserve my strength again today for the full work week ahead and maybe work on additions to my website later.

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