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Best Memory Card for D90 (8 or 16GB)


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Sep 8, 2008
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I'm picking up a D90 this weekend (Tolyk there's your warning!) and I'm likely going to need a larger SD card. I've currently got a san disk ultra II 4GB in my D40, which works well. But with the higher FPS and MP per photo i'm likely going to need something a little beefier especially as I shoot in RAW, and when taking golf shots do like using the full burst FPS.
Also not that I plan on using it much, but I don't want to be limited so that I can't, the video function...and what it requires in terms of mb/s on the card.

how many mb/s of a card am i going to need?

Also a card with the ability to crack it in half and throw it straight into the USB slot is a HUGE bonus. It saves so much hassle of needing a card reader and having to drag the reader around with me.
I have a San Disk Extreme 3 30mb edition, and it works great.

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