best photo I've seem in ages

or just a very long monopod and cable release
Thats incredible, some family of mine were quite badly delayed, but I'd no idea it was like that.
The news article, if written by the person taking that picture should have read "Short haul flights delayed or grounded due to accessive fog - but screw you guys, i'm off on a long haul flight to somewhere frikkin awesome just to be able to take this picture of the fog that keeps you DOWN! Mwahahaha...suckers"
Then it really does get foggy in London!?

Christ yes. it gets foggy EVERYWHERE! Not ALL the time though, just usually when you really need to be somewhere or are flying out someplace etc and its urgent! Fog is EVIL!

Although, it only seems to get real bad like a couple a times a year.

Flying BACK into london was frikkin HORRIBLE this time last year coz you couldnt see a damn thing for the fog!

Stupid fog.
That was written with a degree of sarcasm, I am sorry. I was stationed in the UK in 1978-1980, 70 miles northeast of London at RAF Mildenhall. London is a beautiful city and I have been stuck in the fog once while there. But we were young and dumb and..........that's 3 or 4 other stories.

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