I love a bargoon!!


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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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Got a 4GB CF card (SanDisk Ultra II) for $43 Canadian (~23£). :boogie: I thought it was a great price for a decent card.

How about the rest of you... I'm sure many of you got great bargains on stuff. What did you get?
OMG where did you pick that up? I know BestBuy & Future Shop had sales starting xmas eve but they were sold out quickly.

I paid $50 for a winter coat today (not nearly as cool as your bargain!!)
I got it at Best Buy. They were out when I checked a few days ago, but they had restocked when I was there yesterday. Try online too. They had great deals on SD cards also.

And $50 for a winter coat is a great price!
^^^ Oooo, SpiffyB, did you get the cam, or you just scoped out the bargain?
I get EVERYTHING at trade price :greenpbl: so EVERYTHING bit of kit is a bargain HA!
but I think my £1352 worth of tripod that I got for £788 was the bargain of the year, no, decade, no, century!

So..... who wants to be my friend :lol: :lmao: :greenpbl:
S#1t! I'm living on the wrong side of the pond - if only I could get over the accent...
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Don't you dangle a participle at me like that, Chris!

And the message is (come closer, I don't want everyone to hear. That's it....closer, closer
Nice price Anty! I ordered one yesterday too actually, from somewhere different, think it cost me about a tenner more though, and I thought that was cheap! Think it was the Ultra III version, though I hardly imagine that makes much difference!

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