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Aug 18, 2015
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Hi, just joined today and this is my first post; so, thanks in advance for your patience.

At this point, most of my pics are from the cell phone; while I look forward to learning, I have virtually no photography experience. I'm a big user of Google and have my photos stored on Google Pics and Google Drive.

What desktop software would be the best for me to re-size, edit & print my photos? I'm not looking for anything as extensive as Photoshop on the Cloud (I watched their intro video.) with a monthly fee. My work is completely personal, amateur, and for family and friend use. I don't mind purchasing something reasonable; however. I'm reluctant to have a monthly fee since I could go 6 months without using.

I use an Android camera and have both and an iMac and a Windows machine for desktops.

Any and all ideas appreciated; thank you.
Try Picassa
Its not desktop software but I would recommend the Snapseed app for your phone.

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