Best place to buy camera equipment with monthly payment option?

Robin Usagani

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Jun 6, 2010
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Is there such a place? Or do I have to use my credit card and bend over with 17% interest? (not sure what the interest is on my CC because I always pay it off, but you got the idea). I'm thinking about getting a 5D an another lens.
I doubt you will find a place that will give you zero interest financing on camera gear, could be wrong though.

Either taking out a loan or putting it on credit card is probably what you would have to do if you dont have the cash.
Save up and then pay cash and no worries!:sexywink:
You're gonna want to upgrade in like 6 months after you get the 5d, so you might as well put a 1d on credit, and be done with it.

I just looked and Best Buy online has the 5D mk II with a 3 year zero interest plan. The penalities for missing a payment are like 29% interest though.

I may buy some stuff from them now lol.

Thanks for the info.
i dont mind the interest.. just not 18%. I may consider that from Best Buy. I think if you fail to pay it off, all the interest will accumulate all that 18 months like you never paid a dime (same as cash deals).
3 years? Im going to tell wife about this LOL. Give me the exact link please.

@bitter.. LOL Then I can walk around looking cool right?
OMG they got 3 year no interest on the 24-70 2.8L too. :lol:

That and the 180mm macro are about the only 2 lenses I would consider buying right now.

I really want an IS version of the 24-70 2.8 though.
Best place to buy camera equipment with monthly payment option?
It is ill conceived to finance a hobby. If you can't pay cash or pay the credit card off in the same billing cycle, I would reconsider and save until you can.
3 years is also a long time on those higher cost goods - I would want a payment like this over in a year at the least - any longer and you really lose the ability to forecast your finances - one missed shift or two - an illness etc... and you can easily end up either having to really scrape and suffer or missing a payment (and getting hit by the big increase in price as a result). Also a lot of these are now limiting your monthly payments - so even if you have more money you can't pay it in any faster (they want you on their books a nice long time - the longer it is the more chance you'll slip up or have something that makes you miss a payment).

A year is what I would consider the max for something like this - any longer and its just a bit too risky. Also on something like a camera body after 3 years even the pro end bodies are being upgraded.
It might also be a valid approach if you are earning off the gear itself and you need it in order to make that income possible (though there might be other options to consider under this rout - like hiring the gear and getting a discount from the hiring company when you then purchase the gear you've had on loan - some offer this service).
I bought my 7D @ best buy with a best buy credit card and accumilated points from using their credit card on all other purchases too. They also do price match if you find it cheeper. Its gotta be in-store purchase though...

I should start paying my mortgage with my credit card ! lol

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