Best program for stitching?

Which photo editing programs are you using now? Did you try Canon's PhotoStitch?
dont have any stitching apps. only photoshop cs3. any decent free or trial versions out there?
Your XS didn't come with PhotoStitch? My XTi came with it as well as Digital Photo Professional, ZoomBrowser EX, EOS Utility and the Picture Style Editor. Did you install the software that came with your XS?

Since you have CS3, you can use Photomerge. [ame=""]Photoshop CS3 Photomerge YouTube tutorial[/ame]

Have Fun with Photoshop CS3’s Photomerge

Photoshop CS3 has a Photomerge Tool that really Works
I've used windows live photogallery a few times...its free
The automerge in cs3 actually works pretty darn well. If you already have cs3 try it, if you dont like it then look elsewhere.
If you’re looking for something that isn’t going to cost you a ton for some simple photo stitching, I’d agree with rmackie and say go with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
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