best software for a beginner photogrphaer


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Oct 6, 2010
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im wondering what the best software to use to for a beginner is

i know ps cs5 is gonna get said

im looking for easy to use software thu
Best software for a beginner - Photoshop Elements - whichever the latest version is. Or if you want to be very cheap you can get GIMP, which is totally free and more powerful, but has a less intuative interface - it can do stuff, but getting it to do it is a challenge so I hear.

I'm not dumbing down editing in the least and there are some things for elements (like layermasks and curves) that you either have to live with reduced functionality or find a free addon for. However at a silly £5-600 odd CS5 is just far too much money for a beginner to invest in. If they do have that sort of money I'd suggest a few addons to their photography gear instead - lenses, tripods, flashes, lighting even a days workshop - work on capturing the photos first.

You can always edit a photo later - but you can never go back to capture a scene in the past.
I use Gimp. And although I very much like it and its capabilities, I really do not recommend it for a "beginner".

The learning curve is very steep. I would compare it to Photoshop not Photoshop Elements.

On the other hand... Gimp is 100% free.
You can get Photoshop Elements 5.0 (I use it) on Ebay for $10.00 and free shipping. It will probably be all you ever "NEED"
why not start with the program that comes with your camera.

Or, there is photoscape.
As ann said your camera came with something. Then there's Gimp, Photoscape and Picasa that are free; Gimp has the highest leaning curve to use. The Adobe product was mentioned and then there's something from Corel and Serif. Ebay is a possible good source for picking up software if you can get something cheap. I picked up the Serif software for $25. As was mentioned, if you are a student you can get Adobe's latest products for cheaper than retail but you need to provide proof in order to activate the software.

I would say that not everyone needs Photoshop at least not in the beginning. I believe most software will provide cropping, straightening and possibly sharpening. Some may have a limited number of effects as well.
I would highly recommend the latest version of Corel Paintshop Pro Photo. I have the X2 version, I know it's at least up to X3 though. It's not as powerful as Photoshop or GIMP, but it's by far the most intuitive and simple to use editor I've ever used, and it will do 95% of anything you'll ever need for photo editing.

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