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Jun 14, 2006
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Give us your favs!

Streetlight Manifesto - The Blonde Lead The Blind
Well some recent songs I've been listening to are

-Empty Walls - Serj Tankian

-Shadow's Fall - Redemption (best when it gets to the melody about 15-30 secs into song)

Anyways, [video=youtube;BZSKvSz1roQ]"]here's[/video] the empty wall's video. It's entertaining to watch as it makes references with the real world about war.
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Also, "Lonely Day" by System of a Down gets you addicted to it fast, really cool song and great singers.

Even if your not a rock fan if you listen to this song repetitively you start to like it haha. (i got my mom hooked on this lol)

music vid [video=youtube;0Pkz8dM9PjQ]"]link[/video].
...Lonely Day is depressing. So is Empty Walls. So is Redemption (sort of).

You have a depressing taste in song titles =p
Dude I love SOAD and I have Serg's solo album it freaking rocks... its about time good music is starting to come out... we went through a HUGE stretch of crap music from the late 90s till pretty much this year. Im not saying there wasnt ANY good music in between that time but they were very scarce.

Best song title wise Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket [video=youtube;Vd34vJohGXc]"]clicky[/video] (I have over 10K songs this is the first one I could think of) chillaxing song and funny video lol.

Lately Ive been listening to a lot of Flogging Molly and The Hives also Radioheads new album kicks ass so this song is pretty sweet:

Radiohead - 15 step

Theres no video for it but you can hear it [video=youtube;JWw_ma2Cs8w]"]here[/video]

Ive never heard of Streetlight Manifesto but that song sounds fun as hell.

.......we're the same person.

stop copying my music! ;)
Sleeping Double In A Single Bed

Bury Me At WalMart

We've Been Repossessed

I Am My Own Grandpa

Can't Do What I Can

...all Country songs.
How has "Everybody's Got Something to Hide, Except for me and my Monkey" not been mentioned yet? :lol:

I'm also a fan of "Allegro non Troppo", though "Allegro con Fuoco" may be taking it a bit far.
While My Guitar Gentle Weeps is a nice title

Why Don't We Do it in the Road - Beatles again

The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) - by pop combo genius the Cheeky Girls
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. by Pearl Jam

Subterranean Homesick Alien by radiohead

Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan

It Takes Blood & Guts to Be This Cool But I'm Still Just a Cliche by Skunk Anansie

I Just Shot John Lennon by The Cranberries

and anything by Cannibal Corpse :lol:
Hows about "Everyday is Exactly the Same" by Nine Inch Nails?

Actually I'm beginning to suspect that LP is me - this is worrying on so many levels you just can't imagine, though I want to know why I never get to use the 300mm f2.8 L once in a while...
ah well Chris I didn't say I liked those songs just that I think they are good titles

the only ones I like are . and clubbed to death
I'm also rather partial to "We Poured Gasoline Into the Fire and Now We Have No Eyebrows and Stumps for Legs"

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