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Feb 17, 2012
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Ontario, Canada
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a wide angle lens adapter for my Canon G12. I have done tonnes of research in order to find one, and it seems the best one for the G12 is the Nikon WC-e75. It just so happens that the WC-e75 is now discontinued, and I have searched the world over for one of these lens', new or used, checked Ebay, and everywhere else, and there are none available anywhere. What I did find was plenty of the Nikon WC-e75A, but I haven't seen anyone using this lens for the G12 anywhere.

I guess my questions are; a) does anyone know where I can find a new or used WC-e75 lens?
b) will the WC-e75A fit my G12 the same as the WC-e75?
c) can anyone else recommend a good quality wide angle lens for my G12 (one that doesn't produce vignetting?)

Thanks in advance!
That might be hard. Ebay had nothing when I did a search for canon g12 lenses.
From what I understand the Lens adapters for the G12 are not very good and degrade the image quality quite a bit.
I just bought the G12 yesterday. I'm wondering if I should just return for a different model? I was really hoping that it would have a wide angle lens available for it.
The G12 is an awesome camera. I don't use mine exclusively, but use it in my underwater housing when diving.
I would check reviews on the wide angle lenses, I was just told when I bought mine that the lens adapters were not that great, because it is just another piece of glass in from of the lens.
It definitely does seem to be an awesome camera, it takes really beautiful pictures. I'm also very interested in using it for underwater while diving, how do you like it for that particular use?
I love my G12 for underwater use. I can't post pictures of my set up, I left it in Roatan for my mom to use. ( I am heading back there at the end of march).

his link will show you some of the pictures I took w/ it underwater as well as provide links to my set up. I went w/ Ikelite Housing and flash because I could still use eTTL. The Canon housing for the G12 is a good buy if you want to stay on a budget, but any strobe you use w/ have to be a slave style set up. You also cannot use the front wheel w/ the Canon Housing.
Thanks for the response Canuk. After reading your post I checked out the Ikelite housing, and it's just definitely way to costly for someone like myself who only dives on vacations, and after reading reviews on Canon's housing for the G12, I've decided to go on my trip without any housing. The Canon housing seemed to have got a lot of bad reviews, with a lot of people getting leaks, and there isn't even any warranty. I'm not sure I want to risk this for how often I would use it. I'm hoping that maybe the dives shops I will be visiting will maybe have a setup that I can just rent for the day.

I'm actually going to Central America at the end of March to backpack for a couple months. I will be traveling to all the countries there, from Belize all the way to Panama,and will be spending some time in Roatan for sure.

Thanks a lot for the response.

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