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May 25, 2007
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Two choices:;jsessionid=154744de97a6a43/shopdata/0010_Lenses/0010_Zoom/0040_Tele+Zoom/product_details.shopscript?article=0210_Sigma%2BZoom%2BTelephoto%2B70-200mm%2Bf%3D26slash%3D3B2%3D252E8%2BEX%2BDG%2BMacro%2BAPO%2BHSM%2BAutofocus%2BLens%2Bfor%2BNikon%2BAF-D%2B%3D28SG70200F28DMNI%3D29

B&H =$998 with 3 year warrenty that covers everything, even if I break it.

S4L= $822 witha 7 year warrenty that just covers the funtioning of the lens for 7 years.

What would you guys (Girls) choose?

Both are the current Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO EX DG HSM Macro (newest version)
BHphoto. they are just great to deal with..and I know if I need to send it in...they'll take care of me.

But seriously...don't you send them in to Sigma? or are you getting extended warranty?
S4L has a 7 year warrenty that covers the lens but not if I do something to it. B&H has 3 years but it covers everything, even if I drop it, they fix it.
As a rule, I never purchase extended warranties, but I do insure my equipment.

If something isn't working out of the box, I get it replaced. If something is working well... it usually outlives my needs way before something breaks.

BTW, USA warranties for most Sigma lenses is 4 years. At least it is on all 4 that I own. It's even written on the box on some too!
So you think the Sigma 4 less place is better bet, you do save some money but I sorta like the warrenty as I dont ensure anything.
I am skeptical of all photographic web sites but a few. B&H, Adorama, and Calumet are about the only ones I buy equipment from. Mid-west for Epson paper and ink. Anyone else I stay away from, got burned once. Not going back for a repeat.
Get your gear insured by home owners, renters or contents coverage. The extended warranties are there to make money for the dealer. Generally, the manufacturors warranty is good enough with the added self-protected insurance.

Although I have only dealt with B&H, the other two that jstuedle mentioned seem to get good marks.
One of my Sigmas comes from Sigma4less. They shipped what I requested without any hidden agenda, no bait-and-switch and the lens came within the time they said.

Though B&H has worked hard to maintain their reputation, S4L has not done me wrong.

If you live in the USA or Canada, am pretty sure you can comfortably use them and save some money. Again, I would not suggest that you pay the extended warranty. Lenses today are very reliable and no warranty covers your mistake or abuse, though some may make it look like that.
Thanks for your input, I am still mulling it over:)
Ok, I am going to order the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 Macro from B&H Sat. when they start accepting orders:) Thanks for your help!

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