can anyone show me how to change one skin color to another using photoshop cs3


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Nov 21, 2007
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i am using a free trial of photoshop cs3 extended i played around with it and changed eye colors but im having a real difficult time changing one skin color to another for example here is a pic of serena williams i am about her skin color and i have a picture of beyonce. im trying to figure
out how i can make serena williams skin color look exactly like beyonce's skin color because in the future i want to take a picture of me and make it look like i have the same skin color as beyonces...can anyone tell me step by step how to make serena's skin lighter to look exactly like beyonces skin color it would also help if you used the pictures along the way to explain step by step and the easiest way possible to do this. please make sense when you explain how to do this please dont leave anything out and i want full detail thanks very much anyone who helps :)


burn tool. dont over do it in one place though.
what is a burn tool and how exaclty do i use it

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