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Big collection of photography guides


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Humble Book Bundle: Digital Cameras & Photography by Wiley (pay what you want and help charity)

Humble Bundle are well known in the computer game world for doing big bundle sales where you set the price and if you pay above certain thresholds you gain certain products. You can also vary how much the creators, charity and humble get from the money you spend during the payment process (so you can give it all to charity if you want or the creators or humble). Te highest level in this bundle is only $15 (or local equivalent) so its a huge saving over the individual cost of the publications.

I've not read any of these titles, but there's a huge variety on offer. From basic books on specific camera bodies through to methods and guides from cameras to posing to lighting and also editing. Well worth checking out and if anyone reads them do come and share how you find them and get on with them.

The deal is up for only 14 days then its gone

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