Bike Petals


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Mar 12, 2006
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Northeast US
Very borderline abstract. I like the POV and soft focus on this one. Is this film or was grain added via software? I like what I'm seeing from you, thanks for sharing 'em here!
It is the film I think, it may have come from my using unsharpen mask on PS. I sort of wish to had a crisper glossier look to it. But, thats me. Thank you for the kind words.

Any technical advice?
Most people prefer at least something to be in sharp focus. I don't know if you intentionally shot this defocused, if so, I like how it came out. If not, you should try to focus on your subject more clearly. I'm a big fan of breaking the rules (focus here) for artistic vision or intent. However, I think one needs to study and practice the rules of technically good photography before one decides to break or stretch them.
The leaf in the center was to supposed to be in focus, and the rest a a bit blurry. That might not have transferred over very well from the actual print to the computer.

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