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May 2, 2009
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Skåne in Sweden
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One of the nicest things I know is taking pictures of birds. Would be nice to hear what you think of them. I have a D60 camera and lens Tamron 70-200 f. 2,8 I am waiting for a 1,4x converter. I dont have a trypod that is my next wish so the pictures are taken by free hand.


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HI Particia - most people will not follow links to see you stuff

I cannot get the pictures to come in direktly through photobucket I dont know how to do it. So unfortunately then I cannot be on this forum. Still I can look at everybody elses pictures and thats nice.

All you gotta do is input [.img]url[./img] to post images.

Great shots BTW!
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Thanks for helping me. Now I know how to do it. Great.

Holy Toledo, what wonderful detail you got! And interesting 'poses', with the twigs in the beak in several shots. Good work!
Great pictures! With a 200mm lens, you must have been pretty close to the birds.
Great job! You photos are beautiful!
Great photos for "free hand". Wish mine would turn out this good. Thanks for sharing and welcome to TPF!
Great pictures! With a 200mm lens, you must have been pretty close to the birds.

Thank you for liking my pictures. Yes I have been pretty close othervise it would not work. They are building nests in my garden and I have been sitting very still under the appletree, and it seems like they have gotten a little bit use to me being there. A few times I have even been able to stand up to get a closeup. I think they are so buzy getting their nest done so they don't notice me so much.
The sparrows are not so shy. They live on my roof. I am longing to get a nikon 300 f.4 in kombination with a konverter 1,4 x Soligor.


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