Birth photography! So excited!


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Mar 12, 2010
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Just got a call that my sister in law may be going in to have her baby girl tonight! This will be my first try at birth photography and I am so excited!!!! :mrgreen:

Does anybody have experience or tips to offer that might help?
I bet the lighting will be good :).. so that is a good thing i guess LOL
I photographed at each of our four kids births. The shots that we like the most are baby on the scale with the weight showing. I love the shot when the baby has just come out and is covered in vernix. Apparently my father-in-law was really upset by that image, although he never said it to me. I never got the cutting of the cord because it was me cutting, but I would love to have a shot that shows the baby and the separation from the mother. Mom's not going to look her best right after birth but I love the shots that combine that elation with relief and the anxious eyes as the baby is being handed to mom for the first time. I have a great shot of my wife with beads of sweat on her brow and the tearful look as she is being handed the baby is so precious to me. It's a good keepsake for parents, but maybe not for others.
Just got a call that my sister in law may be going in to have her baby girl tonight! This will be my first try at birth photography and I am so excited!!!! :mrgreen:

Does anybody have experience or tips to offer that might help?

No experience from the picture taker POV but I had a photographer at my last son's birth (natural birth at a birthing center) and about half the photos are black & white - while it sorta sounds strange, it removes part of the "ick" factor for others viewing that album because all the smears and blood are lessened in impact compared to things like the grumpy baby face.

One of my favorites was of my husband holding him for the first time, being coached by several female friends (we had a bit of a crowd) and him looking boggled. :)
Hey Aayria - that sounds very exciting! I don't have any experience or tips, but I did read this thread on POTN a week or so ago. Maybe you can glean some useful stuff from it?

The Birth of Malcolm {documentary birth coverage} - Canon Digital Photography Forums

Welcome Malcolm :: Birth Photographer Vancouver Shot In Vancouver Wedding Photography

Thanks for the links! I loved the second set =)

Anybody else have some good inspiration?

Thanks! Those are my images. I have another birth online here:

Another birth at the same hospital

Here is a series of newborn/mother & father skin-to-skin and breastfeeding images as an example of what I do with in-hospital newborn sessions (after the birth).

I always deliver 100% black and white sets for births unless the parents specifically request a few specific files in colour. I do shoot b/w film if requested. Let me know if you have any questions!
She's here!!!!

My new niece was born on Friday night, and she is beautiful!!

This was, absolutely and without a doubt, the most amazing photography experience I've ever had. The emotion in that room was soaring, and being there to catch it in photographs was elating!

My biggest problem was having to use high ISO's and I did resort to bouncing my flash as the sun went down and I lost window lighting. It was almost completely dark in the room, except for a couple of very soft, dim yellow lights.

Here are a few of the images, you can view the full set here:!/album.php?aid=24117&id=111476025548854&fbid=150943341602122










These are excellent!!!

I myself would never have wanted this experience photographed or video taped or anything, but you did a wonderful job and mom looked amazing! Congrats on the new little one!
I knew you were good from the previous set, but these are, way, way, over the top excellent! You are really fortunate to have such accomodating brother and sister-in-law, but you captured the event just so perfectly! I am absolutely sure these will be some of the most treasured photos in that family. Wow. Just mind-blowingly amazing. :hail:
You rocked it girl, wtg. Beautiful pictures and yes your sisterinlaw is freaking gorgeous even in childbirth. :hug::Congrats Auntie.
Thank you so much everyone for the compliments! =) I seriously was on cloud nine for the whole experience. The hospital is asking to possibly use some of my pictures too!

I don't have words for how amazing this all was, I would LOVE to do something like this more often!
Those are SO cool! I'm in awe :)

I loved #30 in the gallery with your niece's hand in front of her face :) channeling a "no pictures" diva already.

So inspiring!

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