Bison captured on film


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Jul 16, 2015
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First roll using my 'new' Nikon N80 purchased on ebay. My developer is getting stale and/or my technique is bad because the negative was pretty splotchy when it dried and there was a lot of picking out bad spots with the spot healing tool after scanning. Sky added with Luminar 4.

Bison captured on film
by Peeb OK, on Flickr
That's lovely. Great complimentary colours and decent framing.
I like it. Nominated for POTM .

What film and lens?
Nice image
Whilst it’s been a long time since I did film
What you are describing sound like a wetting problem or bubbles in the mix.
Do a dry run and pay attention to each stage even if you write out the stages beforehand and whilst I am not up to date on modern chemicals I do rem that colour film developing was very sensitive to temp
Hope this helps
it almost has a surreal look to it.
I like the soft background of the photo. It almost looks like a painting. Nice job.

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