BK-777C Black Carbon Fibre Camera Tripod With Ball Head

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Nov 4, 2009
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180°Folded Design BK-777C Black Carbon Fibre Camera Tripod With Ball Head & Carrining Bag

BK-777C Carbon Fibre Camera Tripod with Ball Head & Carring Bag

Features:1. Monopod: This tripod have an extra function, one of the leg can be used to monopod or alpenstock. It is light and convenient, also give you other choice.
2. Carbon fibre: Made of carbon fibre material, features the ultimate strength, lightest weight, fast action and reliable performance and so on
3. 180° folded design system: with the newly designed structure, the tripod leg can be folded inverted by 180°, make it 25% shorter than ordinary tripod.
4. Leg Section Locking System: this will save more time and without the struggle of loose or rotating leg sections while locking or unlocking the leg section.
5. The knock-down centre column:
•centre column and locking system institutions to height adjustment more convenient, which can ensure stability
•centre column can be using upside down, inverted to shootor or photography work.
6. Plucking Angle Adjuster: Simply adjust to the your wanted angle high, middle, allowing free adjustment according to actual needs
7. Matching Ball head: Matching with professional ballhead. Adopt to damping adjustment and clamp plate system, easy operation.
• Smoothly operate Quick Clamp.
• 360° Panning
• -90°/+45° slope angle of the ball
8. Closed Foam Grip: it will give you firm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold days, this cold resistant grip act as an insulator between the cold tripod leg and your hand.
9. Spring hook: spring hook is to hang belonging like camera bags or heavy thing to increase stability during windy days..
10. Tripod bags: carry bags are made of top quality materials, providing good protecting to your tripod and head.



New design, not only angle tube with carbon fiber materials, but also for the first time in the central axis using carbon fiber materials. To ensure the stability and also reduces the total weight of the tripod. Not only provides sufficient stability needed everyday shooting, while it is lightweight and convenient.

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