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Black and White Mobile apps


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Mar 19, 2015
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Which is the best apps to make photo for black and white
What phone are you using? That could make a bit of a difference for recommended apps.
Personally, I only use Hipstamatic and Snapseed for my iPhone6. Hipstamatic is a retro-style camera app that allows you the "change" the film, lens, and flash being used, and even allows for double exposure. Keep in mind it is only filters being applied to the photos, but the quality with the right combos can turn into some spectacular looking images. Only problem is the original purchase of the app comes with a small variety of options, everything else has to be purchased in-app. In my opinion totally worth it.
Snapseed is a pretty powerful free photo editing app that has a large number of options for editing photos. The black and white images that can be produced from the app look pretty good, but can look like junk pretty quick if the editing sliders are used to much or the wrong way.
Enlight is easily the best app for editing photos out there. Snapseed is good but not as good as enlight.

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