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Oct 7, 2008
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Hi guys - this was taken in Clare on the West coast of Ireland...

Feedback welcome as always -

nice composition with the poles, and the rocks are very interesting, only thing i can say about the lighting tho is harsh.
nice composition with the poles, and the rocks are very interesting, only thing i can say about the lighting tho is harsh.

That was my first impression too, but when I saw it's rocks and not a beach I thopught it's natural and thus the lighting is ok. Do you have another shot where you're closer to the pole?
I like the texture of the rocks. I do think the pole and building should not be so blown-out, though I think overall it conveys an artistic mood.

Usually you put your copyright/website in the lower left corner,if possible. You can play around with black or white to see which looks best. And you can also lower the opacity of the color so it will not be so distracting. I learned this the hard way--from clients--but that was on the final studio print. Of course, my copyright on images in galleries on my site are in the middle of the images on some.
Thanks for the constructive feedback guys -

@ Teneighty23 & Mcuccia, the landscape for miles round this area is protected and very unusual. Its called the Burren. When you drive through here - it's almost like your entering some surreal world - it's completely grey in color plus completely baron - you're just surrounded by limestone rock formations full of cracks with little or no vegetation in the area. It's popular with climbers, hikers and photographers.

Looking at the photo again - I think you're right. The lighting is a bit harsh. Not sure if it's because the lighthouse is so bright compared to it's surroundings. The building had some rust which I cloned out. I'll try toning it down in PS a little. I don't have any shots closer to the pole. I did have some from the sides of the building but they lacked foreground - that was my reason for choosing this one as the pick from that day.

@ Rere and Torus, Agreed the signature should probably be in a lower corner with reduced opacity. I didn't realise it was so distracting when I add it it to the photo. Torus - it wasn't intended to bug anybody. I have just published my site recently so it was really just to start getting the name out there.

@ Timethief - thanks for the comments

As you say, it might be an idea to tone the building down a bit and perhaps that rust that you mentioned(in whole or in part) might add a little texture to the surface.
I like the composition here very much and the sense of depth.
Your watermark has no bearing on the image whatsoever and won't be there when the image is on those 523 walls anyway.;)
Good job.
Thanks Sympl :thumbup:

Enjoyed looking at your website - some really great photography on display there.

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