Black & white with color (how is it done?)

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Dec 5, 2007
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I see these pics allot lately and I cant figure out how its done so perfectly. Is this hard to do in PS?
If you have CS3, there's the quick selection tool (the same icon as the magic wand)'s easy to select whatever you want with it.
Then you go to select > inverse.
Then you can desaturate that area.
Then if you select inverse again, you can desaturate partially if it's too colourful.
The process is called "selective color" There are various how to's scattered around the forum, running a search should help you find the one set to whatever PP software you use.
It's VERY easy. Also if you go to YOUTUBE, there is a tutorial/demo on how to do this step by step.
magnetic lasso and a steady hand
magnetic lasso and a steady hand

Too hard.

- Copy layer 1 to layer 2
-desaturate layer 2
- set layer 2 to mask
- make sure colour is black
- brush away. Whatever you brush away shows the colour underneath!

If you made a mistake, set colour to white, brush out colour, reset colour to black and continue to completion.
it is very easy to do in cs3.
just make a black and white layer and then use black paint and the brush tool to show the original color or use white to turn it back to black and white.

way more easy in cs3 than previous versions
here is an example


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