Blood Moon, are my lenses worth it?


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Feb 20, 2012
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In my area there is a mountain with a great open view, the absolute best vantage point to shoot the blood moon. Here is the problem....... My highest zoom lens is a is the 18-55mm that came wit the camera, or the 35mm..........

Or I can take it with a 24x zoom CyberShot hx200v. This is what it can produce: What would you do? Keep in mind this will take me an hour to get there, and I have about 1 hour and 25min to the start of this thing in my area. Oh, and I post this now, because I just got off work!

If your Cybershot took those, heck yea, go for it.
red eclipse.jpg

Red Eclipse

Apple iPhone 4. On-line captioning applied using Google translate, destined for the Spanish-speaking markets.

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