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Dec 13, 2007
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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who responded to my first post.

My next photo assignment is to focus on the color "blue".

Any ideas for how to take pictures where the blue pops out. I have seen pictures of strong blue sky, pool etc, but have not had much luck myself with taking such photos. What do I need to focus or adjust to bring out the blue?

My equipment: Nikon D70 with 18-55mm and 55-300mm lens. I do not own any filters or external flash.

I have not yet fully learned about Whitebalance. So far I have only used the cloudy, shade, direct settings for WB on my D70.

I am looking forward to ideas and suggestions from the group.

Thanks in advance,

PS: I am in MN and all I see is snow and a cloudy dull sky.
PS: I am in MN and all I see is snow and a cloudy dull sky.

So the best advice is to wait till summer?

Realize some post are sweetened in PhotoShop, it is very easy to tweak the saturation or even bump the blue channel. I don't know your camera, but some have modes that increase blues and greens in-camera.

A polarizing filter will really help to bring out a nice deep blue from a clear blue sky. It may also reduce reflections on water, which may help to make it look blue.
A polarizing filter will do that or some selective colouring in PS will do that as will Capture NX using a colour point.

There are many ways to do basically the same thing with slightly different results based on the method selected.
Thanks everyone. For now, this will have to wait till I get a polarirising filter.
I think that you are meant to play with your custom white balance.

You can get everything blue by over compensating and with just a little tweak you can effect mainly the blues. Learning how is probably why you were asked to do it.
Photoshop is your friend.
Polarizing filters would really help. One thing that is probably the easiest. Shoot away from the sun. The sky is bluer that direction.
you could always set your WB to tungston and shoot outside, that should make everything blue!:confused::lmao:

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