Blue room or white room?


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Jun 22, 2011
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Lincoln, England
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I'll be setting up my portable studio at a dance festival in a couple of weeks and have been offered the choice of two rooms; one is small, just under 11' x 15' and is painted white. The other room is bigger at 15' x 19' but is painted a sort of turquoise green. I can work with the smaller room (same size as my dining room) but the bigger room would be better as I'll be shooting dancers and like to get them moving. The colour of the bigger room worries me, though: is it likely to put a blue/green cast on all my shots? Help will be much appreciated! :scratch:
Thanks guys, that goes along with my thinking. I've never had to shoot in a coloured room so I wanted confirmation. This will be my first shoot in London and may make or break my reputation down there. In the circumstances I can handle the smaller room. :D
If you bounce then the flash picks up the color cast of the surface used to bounce the light. E.g. bounce in a blue room... get a blue color cast in the light.
I won't be deliberately bouncing, Timothy but there will no doubt be light bouncing around. I think I might get away with it if I stuck with a black background but I'll probably mostly be using white and I don't want to take the risk of costumes and skin tone requiring extra post work. :)

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