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Nov 15, 2007
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hi - i photographed an event for my company that did not go well for me, i have a Nikon D80 with a Promaster 7500dx and the flash crapped out on me 1/2 way thru! I honestly thought I was okay when improvising and looking at the pics on the display after taking them but after looking at them in photoshop, i have a lot of blurry and pixelated images because of the low lighting - and slow shutter speed. Is there anyway that I can fixe these? I have tried the sharpening filters in photoshop, but they are not good enough to hand
you talk of pixelated ... I suppose you are talking of digital noise due to the high ISO. If you straight away sharpen your images, then you will sharpen exactly that noise as aswell and it becomes even more pronounced. If you then even push the contrast a bit, things go even worse.

So without seeing the images I would suppose before sharpening or doing anything, you need to reduce the noise. This is best done by programmes/plugins such as NeatImage or Noise Ninja. There are free trial versions I think, where you can try if purchasing makes any sense for you.
Unfortunately it sounds like you have blurry images due toa slopw shutter, there is nothing you can do about this. Not to be a monday morning quaterback but why did you not just use your on camera flash, its not great by any means but far better than no flash at all?
it would help to see examples ... without, all we can do is speculate

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