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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by CanadianMe, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I saw this book,Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital Photography and looks good. Has anyone seen it, own it or have opinions on it? Someone mentioned a DVD guide to the camera but doesn't seem to have it. I hate the manual that came with the camera and I am looking for something better. If not this book any other suggestions. I read a lot on the computer but would like to have it so when I have time to kill I can peruse it. I downloaded the Canon manual also because I hate the tiny print on the printed one but I still find it lacking. I want to absolute most I can get out of my camera and where I bought it they have short classes but I can never book anything I may be gone for days or weeks and it always sudden, so a book seems like the best alternative.

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    I agree about the manual - like you downloaded and have printed out the odd page to puzzle out some of the more detailed choices - especially in live view and owner set modes. I will have a look in the UK and see if anything worthwhile is out. The magazines tend to keep to the very basics and sometimes you can learn more from reviews.

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