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Sep 2, 2005
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Yet another trip to memorial drive. Please forgive the watermark.

memorial panorama tpf.jpg
No interest, eh? :)

What I didn't want to reveal right away, but will now is this...

I thought this was particularly interesting because it's stitched together from about 10 exposures using a 50mm 1.8 lens. The original is actually about 29,000 pixels wide... crazy.

I have to say of all the night time photography of skylines I have ever done, this is THE most sharp and detailed one ever. This is also accepting that the light conditions were unspeakably poor on this night- lots of haze and stuff. I expect when I go back to do this for real (and not just an experiment) that the results will be pretty amazing.

I should post a 100% crop so you folks can see. It's kind of mind-blowing.

Anyway, that's it. :) I was up till 2 am last night playing with this so im going to bed now. I'm beat. lol
It is sharp... Sweet. The reflection of light in the water adds to the image with the dark skyline.
I like being able to see the larger version. It really shows the sharpness and excellent exposure.

At first I was going to say that maybe you could crop out the sidewalk and railing at the far left, but when I blocked it out, I found that the railing leads my eye to the bridge, which brings me to the other side of the image.

So, I wouldn't change a thing.

Really nice.
Thanks John and Yemme! Interesting point about the fence.

Here are the 100% crops I said I'd post.

boston night 100 perc crop 1.jpg

boston night 100 perc crop 2.jpg

Check out the crazy starbursts this lens creates.
boston night 100 perc crop 3.jpg

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