Boston Skyline at Sunset - C&C needed.


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Jul 9, 2010
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Boston MA/Columbus OH
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Originally saw this spot in a photo by trey ratcliff, so I decided to try it out. This is what I got, but it is not what I wanted. I wanted it to be a little bit darker, and to have some of the city lights on. I got to the spot an hour too early, and by the time the hour was up and I got the lighting right, "shutter disabled, recharge battery" FML. So ill be back to the spot, with a full battery!
some C&C of my own photo.
-Buildings are too dark, but the lights in the windows would solve the problem.
-Sky behind the buildings are a little blown, but I think it will be fixed when I go back
-Not sharp enough. In a last battery ditch effort I used auto settings ( dont scold! ) Camera put it at f/4. When I was in Manual I was shooting f/8-f/11.
Please tell me what you think!
Also if anyone wants ill link a link to trey's photo. Its HDR though, so I know I wont be able to get the same feel.
The horizon is crooked. Also, the chain seems to lead you away from the cityscape. I find myself following the chain and then looking at the lamp post on the left. When you take the next image, make sure the horizon is level and then clone out the lamp post.

Would you mind posting the link to that guys photo so I can see how he approached this location?
I think I like yours better. :) Any way you could bounce some light onto the chain and posts in the foreground? They are interesting, but the shadows are crushed. Would like to see some detail there.
I can try to do that. I do not have a external flash, but I got this hand Iphone app that uses the LED light as a flashlight and I can try to get some light on the chain.

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