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Sep 26, 2011
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I took these picture bouncing the light off the ceiling. How does my exposure look? I know I chopped body parts off..I was only focusing on my flash.

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Hey, it is OK to chop off the body parts. Everyone is doing it. Your exposure looks good to me. Now you can work on the framing piece.
The first shot is a little bit under-exposed; look at the darker parts of her hair, and the hair's color and saturation for some visual clues to the underexposure. The second shot has ALL the channels slammed into the right-hand side of the histogram,indicating overexposure; again, look at her hair's color and saturation. And exposure right between these two would be "perfect".
I keep forgetting to check my histogram in PSE. I looked at the RAW file and it wasn't all the way to the right.. I'm screwing up my pictures when I edit them. Ugghhhhhh....Thank you for the feedback!!
Why not check the histogram in camera when you are taking the picture? That way you can get the exposure as close to perfect in camera. That way, if you see that it's way off in camera, you can adjust your settings and shoot again, rather than always trying to fix it in post. It's hard at first but the more you do it the more you'll learn.

Someone mentioned getting it as close to perfect in camera when I first started it and it really helped me learn my camera and what works better in which situations.
Ok, here's the unedited picture. I looked at the histogram in PSE and nothing is touching the right or left side of the histogram, which means I did something to the picture when I edited it. I had my histogram turned on in my camera at one time, but the picture was too small. I'll turn it back on and use that to help me.

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