Bowens Gemini 500Pro/500Pro TravelPak Kit

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    Bowens Gemini 500Pro/500Pro TravelPak Kit

    Bowens most popular kit configurations are the two-head kits. These appeal to photographers buying studio lighting for the first time as well as photographers looking for exceptional value for money. Typical two head kits include two Gemini monolights with two Bowens lighting support stands. To control the light Bowens include a Softbox and a silver/white umbrella, together with a wide-angle umbrella reflectors.
    This creates a very easy-to-use and effective two-light setup. The umbrellas are perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications - the black cover can be removed allowing you to fire the light through the umbrella like a softbox.
    The kits include a sync lead for camera connection and all the power cables, modelling lamps and flash tubes. Everything is then packed into a single lightweight yet sturdy carrying case, with casters, for easy transportation.

    Two-Head Travelpak Kits
    Two heads kits are also available complete with a Bowens TravelPak Battery, able to power two Gemini units simultaneously out on location.
    Packed in a Universal Trolly Bag and a Stand Bag.


    • 2 of Gemini PRO 500Ws Monolights.
    • 1 of TravelPak Battery (small)
    • 1 of 60x80cm Softbox.
    • 1 of 90cm Silver/White Umbrella.
    • 1 of 120° Wide-Angle Umbrella Reflector.
    • 2 of Lighting Support Stand.
    • 1 of Trolley Case.
    • 2 of Flash Tube
    • 2 of 250W Modeling Lamp.
    • 2 of Power Cord.
    • 1 of Sync Lead.
    • ​Plus you'll get Radio Trigger for FREE
    Price: 1400 British Pounds

    Have all warranty documents

    Condition: Used only couple of times. Is in perfect condition.
    Contact me to get more information about delivery.​


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