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Aug 4, 2010
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Carrollton, Tx
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Still trying to get my feet on the ground with people shots. This first one of my GF's boy I took on the fly. Got him to look down at me and grabbed the shot.

Question is, do people prefer more soft images or sharper ones. I tend to go more on the sharp side, but see alot of pictures of people very soft.

Oh and any comment on the composition. ;-)


Here is one I took and softened up;

It looks like you told them to smile while holding a really big knife. They do not look happy to be there at all :lmao:

In the first one you told him to look straight down. I know this is a no-go when working with adults but I've never seen this done with children. I didn't know an eight year old could have a double chin lol. It also seems underexposed. I like the lighting in the last one and even the way they are posed. It's those smiles that are throwing me off though lol.

And because I've noticed your new to the forums (welcome by the way), I'll give you a heads up; there are some on here who will hate how you've watermarked the photo. It's really distracting too look at while trying to critique a photo. And we all know it's because you don't want your images being copied. Just a friendly heads up on what to expect ;-)
Thanks indeedies, Ill make sure and post future pictures with no watermarks, thanks for that. Yea the second one was really tough. The grandmother told me she hated pictures, and the child kept looking over my shoulder at some kid's entertainment. We were in a large hotel for that one due to bad weather.

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