Bridal Fashion shoot on Pontoon with Miss World Canada 2015

Mar 31, 2015
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I had been wanting to do a shoot on a pontoon for a long time. Had a awesome time shooting this with Miss World Canada. She had her model boyfriend come along on the shoot as well. Here's a few pic's from that session. I have more images on my Blog if you want to look ...zed-fashion-bridal-shoot/ (external link)
Regina wedding photographer-stylized wedding shoot 1.jpg


  • Regina wedding photographer-stylized wedding shoot 3.jpg
    Regina wedding photographer-stylized wedding shoot 3.jpg
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Well the title was impressive but the images don't follow up in my opinion.
That's okay, I love them and had a fun time shooting this session. My client loved them and that's all that matters to me, I certainly don't expect everyone to love them like a do .
Have a nice evening.
In both photos the subjects seem a little soft, it looks like the camera focused on the back of the boat instead of on them. But it by no means kills the photos, I really like the composition of these! :)
Where is the driver in Photo#1? Did you make him lay on the deck behind the seats???:lol:
It could be the low resolution for the web. Yes the driver hid for the photo, poor guy!
The water is sort of getting those nice sparkles near the boat. I think the boat coming in at the top is a bit distracting, just waiting for the groom to look over that way.
The brides hand on the grooms head is a major distraction.

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