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Aug 4, 2013
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Eccles, uk
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I am about to buy a Bronica ETRSi and I was wondering can anybody tell me what this Camera is like to use, and as I am a total beginner to Medium Format would this be suitable for me.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Stuart, AKA Parus Cyanus.
ETRSi is a typical modular slr system very easy to use. First tell me what configuration are you going to buy as there is a few possibilities.
The ETR-series are fine cameras but, like many medium format SLRs they are somewhat complex. For example, the camera has a number of interlocks which will prevent the shutter from firing if certain conditions are not met. So, do get a manual and read it. Otherwise, they are pro-quality cameras with great lenses.
I have a 6x6 Bronica SQ-B, which works the same as the 645 ETR series cameras. Have shot both and liked the Bronica 645. The optional speed winder grip really improves its ergonomics. There are several metered finders but you might prefer the plain prism finder and a handheld light meter--a choice that's largely dependent on what type of shooting you do. There's no real trick to using them. They won't fire with the dark slide inserted and will only dry fire with the slide out and the multi-exposure lever engaged. Probably the most 35mm-like of the MF SLRs in terms of weight and overall handling--no portability issues on a shoulder strap. Having interchangeable film backs is a huge plus. They're battery dependent but the little PX28 is long-lived. The difference between a 35mm and 645 neg isn't subtle. You'll like it.
I am a Bronica Etrs owner and I shoot 645, i love it. Though I might consider going back to 35mm for street photography the 645 with the waist level finder is a great combo since most people wont readily identify you as a photographer when you want to be incognito. The negative on the 645 is a fantastic size though I suppose going bigger still can be quite addictive. The bronica is built like a tank, the construction and feel is superior to most "prosumer" to pro grade DSLRs today.
I have an ETRS and I love using it, at first it is a bit awkward to use but once you get over the qwerks and remembering to take out the dark slide its a piece of cake!

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