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Aug 9, 2010
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I am going to be heading to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to take shots of the Manhattan skyline. Has anybody been there recently? I know the place is under construction, but some spots are open. According to their website, fulton ferry landing, pier1 and pier 6 are open.

Are these good places to shoot from? What about the safety of the location during very early morning hours. I've heard it's pretty safe.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I can only speak in general terms to the safety issue, as I haven't been there myself, but as it's a pretty touristy area, I imagine you'll be fine. If by early morning you mean sunrise, there will probably be joggers and other photographers around.

Please post back and let us know how it goes...I'd like to do the same in the near future, although first on my list is to catch the GW bridge from 181 st (great spot) at sunrise.

Also, I've gotten some great sunset shots of the Manhattan skyline from the NJ side; Jersey City near the Goldman Sachs tower.
I will definitely post what i get. I was thinking about it, and i should be fine.

I have shot the skyline from Weehawken and the the GW from the fort lee side. I should try that 181st street angle, however that is a safety issue! lol.
I should try that 181st street angle, however that is a safety issue! lol.

Not in the's totally tame stroller-ville up there. I'd be more concerned in Ft Lee! :lol:

I was there at 6 am, no issues of safety whatsoever...although I do carry. ;)

What I did was park by Chinatown. I walked over the Manhattan bridge, (on the east side of the bridge - which is the Brooklyn Bridge side). About 2/3 of the way across the M.Bridge, there is a great location to shoot the Brooklyn Bridge/cityscape. Continue on and then you will see how to walk towards the Park. Find one of the streets to walk towards the river and you will get a great view of the Empire State Building under the Manhattan Bridge. From there it is a 10 min walk to the park. That portion of the park is not under construction and you will not know where to shoot from first. Then walk the Brooklyn Bridge as well. Even after crossing over the bridge you will have so much to shoot.

Bring with you:
water (or whatever you drink)
a backpack for all your gear - I even had a tripod
Lots and lots of energy
extra battery and lots of memory - you will use it all

If you get there early enough and spend about 6 hours, you will have a lot of opportunities to shoot some awesome stuff. The crowds start to get large around 9am, by10am there are tons of people.

I am going back in 2 weeks. After reviewing some of my images, I see what I want to shoot over.
Good luck and have fun!!!

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