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Mar 18, 2009
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I know this is cliché but it was fun :) bit of a mission to blow the bubbles, put the bubble thing down and take the pic before they popped! I recently heard that if it's cold enough outside, the bubbles can actually freeze and those make awesome pics...anyone done that?

I like this. Cool shot! It looks like one of those gazing balls people have in their yard only suspended in air. I'm going to have to give this a try.

As for the bubbles freezing if cold enough, I would imagine they would, but I think it has to be pretty cold for that to happen - like way below 0/f. I've seen TV weather forecasters in minus 40f temps toss hot water in the air and it freezes.
-40 F ?! and i thought being out in -30 C was cold. Why in hell would that weather person be outside....
haha i looked it up and it would have to be damn cold out there, but there is a way of doing it with dry ice that makes really cool frozen bubbles!
Thanks for the comments :) SpaceNUt how did you manage to freeze them?
i tried to photograph bubbles before, but they burst on my lens, so i got afraid that it gets to the sensor and mess it up. it was really UNsuccessful shooting :p

You had your shot just perfect!!
This is just amazing...so simple, yet so attractive!!
I'm going to try again today and try to catch more than one bubble in the shot, gotta get them all in focus though!

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