Building a YouTube channel for food, Cine Cam vs mirrorless?


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Dec 16, 2021
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I'm in the process of building an online food channel for YouTube. I want to have the best cinematic quality. I have noticed with many YouTube channels that they have a tinny, unprofessional look. I want to do everything I can to avoid this but I am very new to filmography. I am not sure whether a mirrorless camera can provide me with the quality and cinematic look that I want. However, cinema cameras are exorbitantly expensive. I figured my budget for the primary camera is 2000 U.S. dollars and I plan on having two other secondary cameras for overhead shots and one on a moving tripod. However the primary camera should be the best quality that I can afford in the two at the most $3000 range. Any advice?


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Mar 13, 2018
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My complaint with Youtubers isn't video quality, it is sound quality. Some are so bad as to not be understandable. Others so bad it is a struggle to understand most words. I would be more concerned with the mike and echo removing in the recording room.

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