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    this last wkend I shot some extra pics at a friends wedding. I shot 173 digital pics and got about 75 good pics that the family likes. I also shot 5 rolls of film...I just got those back and.....I have 23 pics that are not screwed up.

    I was shooting flash with my cannon A-1 and I was having issues with my camera knowing that the flash was on it...so I did what I usually do and switch to manual mode instead of shutter pri. When I put the flash on the camera it auto sets the exposure to F9 @ 1/60th sec. This has alwase shot fine....well I was in a darker invironment so I wanted to get some of the ambiant light with my shots so I went to 1/30th sec to try to get a lighter background.....I guess this was a big mistake cause now I have around 90 some pictures where half of the pic has flash and half doesn't.

    Now I though I was ok cause the shutter speed was slower than the sync speed. am I wrong? When shooting flash with this camera do I have to shoot at 1/60th....I am going to be taking the same type of pics this wkend at my mother-in-laws wedding this wkend and I am almost afraid to waist the film if this is happening.

    What should I do....just shoot everything at 1/60. How come I am getting shutter interfierence when shooting slower than sync...Anyone?


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    I've never used a Canon A-1, but every other SLR I've ever used with a flash was okay as long as you weren't shooting faster than the sync speed. One of 2 things happened: either your camera is malfunctioning, or somehow you went to 1/125th instead of 1/30th. I'd shoot a test roll to find out before you shoot anything important with that camera.

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