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    I have a Bushnell Spacemaster (model 78-7346) spotting scope with a Bushnell camera body adapter marked "20-0051 canon-eos". There *seems* to be only way to fit this adapter onto the scope. The viewfinder is removed, the adapter screws onto the scope, and it clicks right onto the camera body (a Canon Digital Rebel, early model). But there's two problems - the image is inverted, and it wont fully focus. Its like it gets close to focusing at the limit of the focus roller on the scope, but the image is not fully in focus.

    Is there a part I am missing, or what? Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. You'll just have to work with the inverted image. There's no 'fix.'

    2. Spotting scopes are designed to focus on objects at least 25' away. The scope/camera combination may only work [focus] for distant objects.

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