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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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Maybe I've missed it, but is there a way to find out who the safe people to deal with on here are? I am looking for a feedback kind of thing as to know who the best sellers are and who to not deal with like other places I've been. I, personally, am a good seller and very safe to deal with, though a little impatient sometimes. If I say something will be done a certain way at a certain time, it WILL be done as I say as I value my word very highly. Any help on this matter would be appreciated by all I'm sure! Jeff
We don't have a user rating for buying/selling. All transactions done via the forum are at your own risk.

Members are encouraged to use their common sense and buy from people they feel they can trust. Another option is to conduct the transaction via E-bay or similar site.
Or Paypal which is the safest way... In my opinion.
it doesn't have to be that hard you can just have a sticky thread that it titled feedback and then when people buy stuff on here they just post their interactions.

I had a great experience with the seller iriairi . She hooked me up with a great crumpler bag.

Another easy way is to just search the threads to see if they have sold anything else on here.

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