Buying a lighting kit.

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by photorandy, May 5, 2007.

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    May 5, 2007
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    I'm currently looking to buy a lighting kit for studio shots. Things I'm looking for in a kit are...

    1. Fast recharge (in between shots) on the studio flashes.
    2. Flashes with enough power to illuminate possible 2 or 3 full bodied persons.
    3. Portability... something that can be set up/tore down, in a small amount of time (30 mins or less).

    Only thing is, I can't find hardly any of this information online. Here's a link to some a kit on eBay that I'm tempted to buy, but I can't find any reviews for the brand of the item this person is selling.

    Link to lighting kit

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a kit under 500 dollars and can do the 3 things listed above?


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