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Dec 1, 2007
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Has anybody purchased cameras from the merchants listed on this site? There prices are far below what places like Ritz are asking. The prices seem to good to be true, so I was wondering if any of you have purchased from some of their merchants. It is suppose to be like Amazon where you type in a item you are looking for and they show you who is selling it for the best price. Below are the results for the Canon 5D.
I seem to remember some of those are problematic. There are websites where you get warnings ... could someone post the link?

Anything below 1000 USD sounds very fishy ....
FYI. What sounds to good to be true usually is, I did some searching and this place is a scam as are most of the merchants they list. I reckon I will stick with B&H who I have delt with in the past. Any other recommendations for good prices on new DSLR cmeras?

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