By the sea (Whitby, UK)


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Feb 25, 2007
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Pickering, UK
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Thought i'd share a few pictures from yesterday. Weather and light conditions weren't great, and i didn't have a tripod or anything because it wasn't a 'photographic outing' as such, just a day out with the family :)



#3 (not from yesterday, but the same location)

The interesting arch in #3 is the jawbone of a whale i believe ! :confused:

C&C welcomed.
I'm interested to see #2 a little larger.
If the last one was ALSO taken without a tripod then ... wow! (But you say the last was NOT taken yesterday?) What is it: whale teeth?

Again I feel my own preferences confirmed, i.e that I personally am not too big a fan of vignetting. But others are and may well be. It is purely subjective.

It is true: it would be really nice if we could see a larger version of the second photo. It might well be my favourite of this little series!
Campbell and LaFoto, here is a larger version of #2


Thank you for the comments. LaFoto, #3 was indeed taken without a tripod, so i had to sacrifice ISO :( Would have liked to use a smaller aperture to make the lights look a bit more pleasing, but i couldn't have unfortunately.

I think it's a whale jawbone, either upper or lower i suppose, but biology was never my thing !

b.rett, unfortunately the original colours were really rubbishy due to the time of day and weather, but i'm glad you like the edits, tried to reflect the mood of the day :)

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