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Dec 24, 2010
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My opinion changes depending on my viewing angle. Baby did have a large prominent "stork bite" on her forhead that I was asked to "touch up but NOT completely remove" (it looks like it will be a while before it goes away completely, if ever). I personally feel that the hand is over exposed (and not posed well, I could have gotten little fingers better) and the part of her forhead near the hat is a bit shadowy. i am always hesitant to post images on here but I would really appreciate other opinions and other eyes. Thanks.

ETA- after posting I see some dark spots on the far right that may need to be fixed so they don't stand out.

She is a cutie.

I'm wondering why you chose the black background for this. My instinct would have been white, keeping everything in key.

I don't think the hand is a deal breaker. Sure... you could have tucked her pinkie a bit. If the tone really bothers you, try loading the brush with the color of her face and set the opacity to 20% or so. Maybe a few strokes on her hand will be more pleasing to you.

Nice job!

you know what? Thank you!!! I knew I couldn't put my finger on what it was I didn't like- and as obvious as the glaring contrasting black and lights are, it never occured to me. Thank you so much. (that's how we learn, right?) In the shoot I had the baby on just the black for the contrast, then she was squirming a little and mom soothed her. We laid her back down and didn't chance removing the blanket from under her, and viola-

Thank you again. It's one of those things that was staring me in the face so much I didn't see it any more.

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