C&C dry lake bed(Grapevine Lake, TX)


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Feb 15, 2009
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I remember going and seeing fireworks shows there as a kid every 4th of July. Hard to believe its drying up. Makes me wonder how the other lakes are doing like Lake Dallas (Lewisville Lake).
Well it's pretty dry I went to go fishing in a certain spot that I had gone before and it wasn't there.
We really just need more rain I guess. Two years ago it rained all summer and filled the lake up to where it went over the bank and flooded everything but after 2 years it's back to being low.
The images didn't excite me too much, personally... composition is kinda dull for a picture, though I have no doubt it was very pretty there.

Some things that may help compositionally...

  1. For pictures like this, you can try to take advantage of the lines of the immediate subject to lead you into the distance.
  2. Try not to dead-center things either vertically or horizontally. Look up the rule of thirds for more info on this.
  3. Sometimes you want a piece of a subject off to the side and not so much the bulk of the subject dead-center... kinda varies.
From a more technical standpoint... I think you may have chosen too wide an aperature for some of these... since you are very close and the subject is not anywhere near close to a flat plane, a lot of your subject is out of focus with such a shallow depth of field.

Nice eye for a setting, though! Good place to go back to.

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