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C&C - First formal 3-light portraits.


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Nov 7, 2010
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Minnapolis, MN
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Looking for some critique on the lighting and touchup. There wasn't much post on the male but the female had some. What do you think? Thanks!

Formal Portrait - Female by jcskeeter313, on Flickr


Formal Portrait - Male by jcskeeter313, on Flickr

Cam and Strobist Info:
Nikon D80
70-200 2.8
PW Flex TT5s (used iTTL mode)
1 SB700 with softbox cam right (key)
1 SB700 w/ softbox cam left behind model (rim/fill)
1 430EXII bare for hair light on boom

As I was posting these I was looking over them again... Noticed that I probably should've cloned out that hair on the female's face. *NOTED
Nice illustration!

In looking at your results, you'll need to move the camera-right light higher (will the ceiling allow?) and increase the output by at least a stop. The way it's set now, it's functioning more as a fill than a main.

I hope this helps.

Better yet, after reviewing your images, rather than increasing the output of that lamp, move it in closer... as close as you can without it coming into view.

OK. That makes sense. This session has come and gone but I will employ that the next time around. Another thing I would do, and this goes out to everyone getting into using PW Flex TT5s, is run manual on the radio triggers. The iTTL setting fluctuated through out the session? Not sure why. Maybe the different subjects or something?

Anyone have any other comments?

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