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Nov 21, 2011
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Please let me have hardest critique so I can learn from it!

Thanks :)

Setup; 3 strobes
Key light w/reflective umbrella
Background light w/shoot through umbrella
24x24 softbox front
Background, Painted wall

Subject; 2 year old!
Won't sit still
Doesn't understand things like, look at you Mom not me and hold your head this way lol :)

Camera Canon T2i\550D
f/8 @ 125
Sigma 50mm 1.4

IMG_6484 by mtw2118, on Flickr

IMG_6470 by mtw2118, on Flickr

IMG_6474 by mtw2118, on Flickr

Post done in LR3, minimal editing.
Looks pretty good, for the most part.

There seems to be a color temp mismatch. The light that is on our right (his left) seems to be giving a bit of a yellowish tint to that side of his head.
Pretty darned good. Shots 2 and 3 are classic traditional poses of a small boy AND they have very solid lighting fundamentals! Your ladder pose is excellent! You have your lights positioned very well. A skilled Photoshop jockey could make these look simply awesome!!!!!!! As Big Mike said, your color is a bit off...but still, the lighting is good. Posing pretty good. MUCH better work than many people can do.
Thanks guys!
What would cause the yellowish tint? The bulb, camera settings?
My strobes were purchased used. There was some ambient light in the room but I don't think it could outshine the strobes?

Derrel, any tips for LR3 processing to get the awesome out of these?

Thanks for any replies.
any tips for LR3 processing to get the awesome out of these?

Go into LR3 and do a custom WB adjustment using his shirt as the grey or the whitest part of the ladder.
If you check the white balance use the white on the stool just behind the left hand, it seemed to me to be the best spot, the green background is alittle overpowering. Overall great shots!
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The background is not the best color, that is probably where the off tone is coming from.
Lights look pretty good.
If I have to nit pick maybe try getting the subject out of smack dead center, doesn't take much of a move.

Good effort, cute kid. You are making it fun which is half the battle.
some umbrellas may case the rellowish tinge. I know you said you had a refelcted as your key but it looks like the soft box is. so my best guess for the yellow would be that your umbrella has yellowed with age.
This might give you an idea of the difference possible in wb. You do not have your editing option listed, if you wish for me to take this editing down please let me know and I will.
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I'd be delighted to have produced shots like these. Nothing wrong here that can't be fixed in post. :thumbup:
Thanks everybody!
I did set a custom WB in the camera before shooting. I used a shot of and extra white umbrella for that but moved my setup to use the wall instead of the crappy backdrop I had. Moving the setup I should have reset the custom WB?
Vince, the editing is fine! makes it easy for me to see the difference. I'll be re-editing before I print any of these!
Opher, I'll check the umbrellas, I did buy them used!
I'm really proud of these shots! The subject is my Grandson, so I'm a little partial :mrgreen:

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